Reactions from Club/Bar Owners and Managers!

An audience favorite with a Fantastic Show Every Time. They are also very reliable, which is the most important thing for any bar owner. ” - Patrick Holleran (Owner)

Malainey’s in Long Beach – "One Hell of an Irish Bar."

“Uniquely Entertaining. They get the whole crowd involved and no one sits when they are playing.” 
--Jefferey Salamon (Owner) The Tartan of Redlands.

“I Love how amazingly easy you guys are to work with and just how much fun all of our patrons have.”  
--Autumn Ojeda (G.M.)  Paddy’s Station,  San Juan Capistrano

"Their Music Selection is Un-Matched and Truly an 80's experience" 
-- Dino (Owner) (Griffin's Grill, Los Alamitos, CA)

"The Sunglasses at Night Band is not only fun and entertaining, they are superb musicians, and all around great people. They make the party start by walking through the front door."                                                                  
 -- Jill Wideen (Hi-Brow Lounge, Upland, CA)

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